Keto Diet What Is It & does it work?

The Latest Trend

The latest trend in loosing weight is the ketosis diet or "Keto" because it sounds cooler, lets be honest. Imagine a crazy world where you can indulge in the gloriousness of sizzling bacon, medium rare steak, lobster, butter, cheese and lots of heavy cream. This diet doesn't exist you say, such a diet is literally the opposite of what we all know a diet should be. You know that horrible starvation feeling of not being satisfied, the constant counting of calories and the abstinence of anything that resembles even the slightest ounce of taste. Well my fellow readers we have not stumbled upon an opposite universe and this diet isn't made by some crazy person wanting an excuse to eat bacon and butter without being judged. The truth is its based on real science and a little bit of body trickery.

What is the Keto diet

The Keto diet is based on the world famous Atkins diet, which has a lot of success in its own right but its not exactly the same. The Keto diet changes the way the body converts food into energy. A form of trickery that puts your body into a super metabolic state where instead of using the age old carbs it uses the fat for fuel. Essentially our bodies are amazing things and when there are little to no carbs left the body resorts to something else. Your liver basically converts those fatty acids into ketones, hence the name. Ultimately burning ketones spurs weight loss and with the magic of diet, your consuming bacon and cream.

So what do I eat?

The Keto diet is made up of consuming a ridiculous amount of fats, 70% of your calories to be exact, 25% protein (meats and fish) and then a very small, small amount of carbs 5%.

In this diet it is essential to eat fatty foods thus a high intake of creams, cheeses, bacon, eggs, beef, bacon again, crab, oysters, green vegetables, avocado, duck fat (if your into it)  and did I mention bacon.

but stay away from breads, carbs, sugar, rice, carbs, look basically  you just don't eat carbs and obvious things like a bag of lollies and coke. I mean if someone tells you there's a diet where you can eat lollies and coke they are crazy, so some sacrifice is still needed. 

Advantages of this crazy diet?

The advantages to be honest are pretty good 

  1. Burns Fat 
  2. Fuels the brain
  3. Lowers blood sugar
  4. Increases energy
  5. Your eating cheese, cream and bacon

Sounds to good to be true

Okay, it does sound awesome but its not easy, you have to understand that you are literally tricking your body into performing a function it doesn't normally do. Your body must stay in this ketosis state in order for you to have the benefits otherwise your just consuming an unhealthy amount of bacon. Also calories still count (pun indented) if you eat a ridiculous amount of food that's over your intake you will get fat. In order to remain in this state you must be vigilant and unlike other diets there's very minimal room for error. To stay in this form your ketone levels need to measure 0.8 millimoles per liter this may involve urinating on a stick to find out. Usually though most people eventually just know when there in this state but remember whilst this has awesome advantages if you don't stick to it don't even bother. That been said this diet is really worth looking at, as you may have to give up a few things but the food you can eat is really good, like really good I mean sizzling bacon good.