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90 Capsules Put the nutrients your diet is missing back in with Multi Food from ATP Science. With its 100% organic sources, your body will be getting the highest quality of goodness it needs.

Directions for use: Take 3 capsules daily with food. Capsules can be opened and sprinkled onto food or added to juice or smoothies as desired.

ATP Science Multi Food is of high quality and provides a cutting edge high yielding vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant food supplement in the convenience of a capsule.

In a society that is laden with toxins, chemicals and pollutants that we breathe in, absorb or consume on a daily basis, vitamin and mineral deficiency is far more common than you would expect.

Just like the pollutants you ingest, traditional multivitamins often come in hard to digest pills with man made vitamins and poorly assimilated minerals at levels far greater than the human body requires.

Multi Food offers a 100% organic food source, derived from reputable farming practices with absolutely no synthetic compounds in the quantities your body requires.

Multi Food provides anti-oxidants, synergistic mineral combinations and key plant, fruit and tree extracts known for their benefits in improving gut health, vitality, metabolic health and blood sugar regulation.


Zinc is crucial for cellular growth, immunity, hormone regulation, gastrointestinal health and central nervous system support. Supplementing with zinc may reduce gastrointestinal stress, improve skin health and reduce fatigue.

Selenium is perhaps one of the strongest anti-oxidants available and assists in the regulation of thyroid function. Correct selenium supplementation may help reduce the risks of thyroid maladaptation, inflammation and cell damage.

Chromium supplementation has long been used for the regulation of blood sugar levels and has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, may reduce fatigue and has potential benefits for dampening anxiety as well.

Lantana Camara
Lantana Camara is an edible wild plant containing high levels of chlorophyll and magnesium.

Wrightia Tinctoria
Used in India as a tea, Wrightia Tinctoria is rich in calcium and has been used as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic product to help with pain and inflammation for years.

Guava Leaves and Fruit
Guava is a great source of B vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc and Carotenoids that is well known for its anti-oxidant capacity and its benefits for immunity support and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Holy Basil
Holy Basil is a strong anti-oxidant that contains high levels of B Vitamins with benefits for reducing gut discomfort, coughs and the common cold.

Lemon Peel
When the oils of the lemon peel are extracted through water extraction, high amounts of B vitamins remain, which support daily energy and vitality.

Sesbania Grandiflora
Containing high levels of Biotin, Sesbania Grandiflora provides support for metabolic, digestive, cardiovascular and nerve health. Biotin is also responsible for the support of hair, skin and nail growth and repair, which may provide anti-aging benefits when supplemented daily.

Moringa Oleifera
Moringa Oleifera has been included for its natural levels of chromium and may help support blood sugar regulation.

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