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Sleep, probably one of the most beautiful things in the world IF you can get to sleep that is. In this world of high stress and high stim products in the MARKET sleep has become more elusive for the athlete and even the non-trained athlete. The Delta Zone is the solution to this more elusive sleep market whilst increasing Human Growth Hormone release.

BPM labs Neuro-Enhancement supplement that can be used as a night-time or daytime formula, depending upon the serving amount. In higher serving amounts, the Phenibut and Korean Kimchi extract in The Delta Zone will help to enhance deep, more restful sleep and to promote the release of the body’s natural hormonal compounds for healthy neurotransmitter support. The L- Phenylalanine, L-tyrosine and L-dopa in The Delta Zone can also be used in smaller serving amounts helping to promote mental alertness, increased energy, support an elevated mood, enhance libido and sexual performance, and improve work performance capacity. The L-dopa, Phenibut, and Korean Kimchi extract are valuable exercise training aids for the development of MUSCLE mass and body leanness. Let talk about Phenibut. This compound is used by countless of companies but extraction of the alkaloids is paramount to make the product work. Our extraction yields alkaloids that make this product a juggernaut. Some of the client base is saying this is BPM’s best release and that’s saying something considering our stable is full of WINNERS. We also use a huge quantity of Phenibut which is a very expensive raw to purchase to achieve the desired outcome. Phenibut is a GABA phenomenon because it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and, due to its affinity for some GABA receptors, initiates a flurry of GABA activity in the brain. The Delta Zone also contains Macuna pruriens extract (precursor to dopamine), L-arginine, L-tyrosine (precursor to serotonin), L-phenylalanine, and Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), which is utilized in the synthesis of GABA and dopamine. Ride the wave of HGH RELEASE with The Delta Zone. We also threw in a therapeutic dosage of D Aspartic Acid which has shown to INCREASE MUSCLE MASS. So you dream big while building lean MUSCLE! What are the side effects of broken or bad sleep, researches have shown there are ten markers: Sleepiness Causes Accidents Sleep Loss Dumbs You Down Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Serious Health Problems Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive Sleepiness Is Depressing Lack of Sleep Ages Your Skin Sleepiness Makes You Forgetful Losing Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight Lack of Sleep May Increase Risk of Death Sleep Loss Impairs Judgment, Especially About Sleep Why suffer from all the above when The Delta Zone will knock you out for a solid night’s sleep. Vivid dreams will be experienced by some due to REM. But hey that’s a side effect we can deal with. Lets talk about sex baby! Now the other added benefit is due to the feel good sensation due to hormonal release , sex just got better. We recommend 2 scoops , you will need to fight off the sleep but once your having sex I’m sure you can manage it. Add the D-Aspartic Acid and you become a machine! Ingredients & Benefits: Korean Kimchi extract – A natural source of GABA which causes a calming effect in the body while helping to regulate your body’s internal rhythm. Also aids in deep restful sleep further increasing GH levels and recovery. D-Aspartic acid – Helps increase natural TESTOSTERONE levels through stimulation of the Luteinizing Hormone. L –Arginine – Has been included for its ability to help with natural Growth Hormone production L-Phenylalanine – A natural MUSCLE relaxer and sleep aid. Phenibut – is Included for its use as an anti-anxiety & sleeping aid. It is well documented that phenibut improves sleep quality and duration as well as having a calming effect that is not a result of sedative effects. Such calming and improved sleep allow for an increase in growth hormone secretion during periods of deep sleep, while sleep and rest is also very important for a recover. Mucuna Pruriens – By increasing dopamine levels in your body, mucuna may help increase LEAN MUSCLE mass by stimulating human growth hormone production. Due to the increase in dopamine levels users may notice an improvement in their ability to get to sleep. L-Tyrosine – Has been included for its ability to increase circulating concentrations of dopamine, increasing energy focus and mood. Vitamin B6 – Helps with the synthesis of GABA and Dopamine. In summary if this is not the best sleep formula you have tried, we will give your money back! Trust BPM Labs once again to push the boundaries of sleep deprivation. Nutritional Info Servings per container: 30 Serving size: 1 Scoop (10g) Each Serving Containsv Energy 0kj Protein 0g Fat, total 0g saturated 0g Carbohydrates 0g sugars0g Sodium 0mg Proprietary Blend 10g* D-Aspartic Acid** Phenibut** Korean Kimchi Extract** Mucuna Pruriens Extract** L-Arginine** L-Tyrosine** L-Phenylanaline** Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCI)**

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