• COSMIC MASS (24 Serves)
  • COSMIC MASS (24 Serves)
  • COSMIC MASS (24 Serves)

COSMIC MASS (24 Serves)


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Supplement Kinetics COSMIC MASSis a high quality sports formula designed specifically for serious

sports people to aid them in achieving their nutritional and performance goals. COSMIC MASS 

4400 is designed to support muscle and energy nutrition especially for sports people partaking

in an extreme mass gain nutritional diet which is loaded with extra calories to aid the most

stubborn hard gainer. COSMIC MASS  supplies your body with many of today’s most effective

ingredients to help support nutritional needs. Feeding your body with adequate protein and

calories are vital nutritional components when partaking in a mass and strength building

physical exercise program and this is where COSMIC MASS excels. One serve of COSMIC MASS

4400 mixed in 300ml milk supplies your muscles with a huge 34 grams of protein and 546



A Synergistic Protein Matrix Blend is utilised for best effect. This protein matrix combines exact

ratios of New Zealand made Micro Filtered Cold Pressed Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and

added free form amino acids that complement each other perfectly. Then the formula is boosted

with food fuel to supply sustained energy for training.


One serve of COSMIC MASS  in 300ml milk provides your muscles with 546 calories which

supports energy and gains in body weight through healthy nutritional channels. The calories

from COSMIC MASS are derived from specific high performance nutrients, such as Maltrin®

M100 which is derived from dent corn and added high quality dextrose.

Maltrin® M100 is an extremely high quality Maltodextrin manufactured by Grain Processing

Corporation USA and cannot be compared to simple sugars. In fact the dextrose equivalent of

Maltrin® M100 is 10 which is very low and does not contribute to bloating of the stomach like

many inferior carbohydrate sources do. This makes Maltrin® M100 a very slow release and

low GI carbohydrate source which is an essential component of an effective mass gain formula

suitable for everyday use within a structured nutritional diet.


To ensure COSMIC MASS supports optimum results Supplement Kinetics has also included Creatine

Monohydrate; the most popular sports supplement ever developed, free form L-Glutamine,

Taurine, Glycine and Bromelain which is a mixture of protein-digesting enzymes. COSMIC MASS

4400 is completed with the addition of important B & C vitamins.


COSMIC MASS is a fantastic tasting shake that provides serious

sports people with a controlled serve of protein, carbohydrates

and support ingredients such as creatine and amino acids to help

support extreme hard gaining athletes in recovery and muscle

nutrition when combined with a physical training or exercise



COSMIC MASS is not a sole source of nutrition and should be

consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate fluid