• ALPHA APEX by ATP Science



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Alpha Apex by ATP Science is a dynamic selection of superfoods that have been selected, prepared and combined in a specific ratio to provide the ultimate synergy. The superfoods have been carefully encapsulated for convenience.

The combination of ingredients come from across the world, which will provide you with the highest quality product. When adding this product in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan that has been tailored to your fitness goals, you may see better results.

The way Alpha Apex works is by supporting the detoxification from external conditions that may affect the body naturally. This can include the foods we eat, including too many refined carbohydrates as well as the environment we live in. All these factors may put the body under pressure not to perform the way it should.

When you rake Alpha Apex by STP Science, you'll:
  • Help maintain healthy hormone levels.

Alpha Apex by ATP Science can be taken by men and women. When on a diet and exercise plan designed to suit your goals, you may experience better results. Estrogen is a good hormone, and it's needed in the body. The ratio of testosterone and estrogen plays a vital role in the body for lean muscle growth and calorie processing.

Each serve of Alpha Apex by ATP Science has:
  • Sulforaphane NRF2 Blend, which includes broccoli sprouts powder, kale leaf and sprouts powder and daikon radish.
  • Estrogen Detox Cofactor Blend, which includes rosemary leaf extract, Orgen-FA and kelp.
  • Clean Natural Excipient Blend, which includes rice extract, cacao fruit powder, acacia gum, Tongkat Ali root extract, Hypromellose.