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Animal Flex

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Universal Animal Flex is a complete joint support formula designed specifically to help the serious bodybuilder and power lifter.

  • Create strong foundations for strength
  • Recover from injury faster
  • Covers all possible reasons for joint injury in one product

Weight lifting is serious business. If you want to be hitting the plates with Animal intensity every time you’re in the gym then you are going to need joint support. Your pushing yourself to the limits, constantly. Your joints are niggling at you telling you to slow down but you don’t listen, you cant. You refuse to let anything impede upon your ability to grow.

Universal Animal Flex has got your joints covered whether it be tendons, ligaments or fluid build-up. Don’t waste your time taking a gamble on a single ingredient joint supplement. Your gains are too important to be taking guesses.
When you’re a serious bodybuilder your strength is always going up and your muscles are always growing. However your joints and tendons can be left behind. You need to think of your body the same way you think of a house. A massive structure bearing huge amounts of weight which place a large amount of stress on the foundations. Make your foundations strong and your body will also bear massive amounts of weight.
Universal Animal Flex has got you all covered so don’t miss out on any of your precious strength gains and get it right the first time, get Animal Flex.

Directions for use: Take 1 serve daily first thing in the morning