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100% Egg Albumen

When it comes to comparing the protein quality, egg always has been the gold standard for many decades. This is because egg protein contains all the 9 essential aminoacids along with the non-essential aminoacids that are necessary for protein formation in the body. Egg albumen protein by International Protein is your best bet if you are on the look out for leaner protein powders or supplements. The product is very convenient to consume especially for those who travel and on the go. About one and a quarter scoop powder of Egg Albumen protein by International protein is equal to consuming 8 egg whites at a time. Consuming 8 egg whites may not be desirable for many and may also not be appetizing either, but Egg albumen protein by International Protein makes this a tasty and a convenient one. The product is pure and 100% egg white powder that comprises of superior aminoacid profile suitable for athletes and bodybuilders looking to improve their protein intake.
Egg Albumen Powder
Egg albumen powder or egg white powder is low fat, low calorie alternative to whole egg proteins. This packs all the essential aminoacids while still being low in calories and fat compared to the whole egg protein powders.
Benefits of Egg albumen powder
Low calories: Compared to whole eggs, egg white are relatively low in calories yet packed with all the 9 essential aminoacids. This is of significance to athletes and bodybuilders who want to cut-back on calories without compromising on the protein quality.

Superior aminoacid profile: Because it contains all the 9 essential aminoacids as well as the non-essential aminoacids, gram to gram this protein powder displays a superior aminoacid profile that is suitable for athletes and endurance trainers.
Low fat: Egg albumen is low in fat content compared to the whole egg. A typical nutrioonal analysis of 100 grams of whole egg and egg white shows marked difference in the calories and fat content. Whole egg provides 10 grams of fat, whereas, the egg white contains less than a gram of fat. 100 grams of whole egg is 143 calories, while the egg white is 48 calories.
No trans-fat and saturated fat: The product is naturally devoid of trans fats and saturated fats making it a healthier option of protein powder compared to other heavily processed conventional protein powders in the market.
International protein naturals egg albumen 100% egg white protein is a pure ingredient, with no extra ingredients added. The product provides you with the superior benefits of liquid Egg Albumen; a high quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body for tissue growth and repair, while being cholesterol, lactose and fat free. International protein naturals egg albumen is100% Egg White Protein is an easily absorbed ‘whole food’ protein with an excellent amino acid profile which is still considered the ‘gold standard’ of protein supplements. It is medium release protein which makes it great for a between meal protein snack. International protein naturals egg albumen 100% egg white protein is an excellent protein source for people who can’t or don’t wish to eat meat or dairy products. It can also be used to replace fresh/liquid egg whites in recipes such as baked goods.
How to use the product
The product is easy to use and consume. To make the equivalent of fresh egg white, mix 30g (1 ¼ scoops) with 210ml of cold water and allow to hydrate for 10 minutes. This is equivalent to approximately 8 egg whites. Use as you would use liquid egg white. If desire, you can add Egg Albumen powder directly to other liquid foods such as smoothies. Be sure to shake well for the mixture to blend well.

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