• Pro Crunch (4 Asst Box Pack)Formulated Meal Replacement
  • Pro Crunch (4 Asst Box Pack)Formulated Meal Replacement

Pro Crunch (4 Asst Box Pack)Formulated Meal Replacement


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4 x Asst Box Pack... 48 bars ... A convenient, no fuss way of meeting your nutritional requirements is found in the ProCrunch Meal Replacement Protein Bar.

Finding a great-tasting protein bar which also delivers superior nutrition can be a challenge. Thanks to Pro Crunch, you'll never be stuck with a dry, tasteless 'snack' again!


Pro Crunch Bars aren't simply granola bars passing themselves off as authentic workout fuel. They're specially formulated with the needs of serious athletes in mind.

Superior Nutrition – Inside each large (72 grams each) Pro Crunch Bar, you'll get an incredible 22 grams of high-quality protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates. Don't let the high carb count make you nervous – these are slow-release carbs, selected to deliver valuable energy without the dangerous spike-and-crash cycle of sugars or quick-release carbs. You'll also get plenty of fibre – 4 to 5 grams per bar, depending on flavour, to help keep you feeling fuller longer. To round things out, each Pro Crunch Bar delivers 4 grams of healthy fats for energy and mental clarity and a array of multi vitamins to supply a balanced nutritional meal in a bar.

Portability and Convenience – Eating on the go can be tough on a healthy lifestyle. There simply aren't enough healthy 'fast' options. This is especially true for athletes, whose nutritional needs are bigger and more complex than non-athletes. Pro Crunch Bars offer complete nutrition, making them an ideal choice for athletes on the go!

Stash a few bars in your desk at work, your gym locker or bag, and in your car. Unhealthy cravings can strike anywhere – be prepared!

Delicious Flavours – Pro Crunch Bars offer something for every taste – Chocolate Fudge, Banana Zest, Chocolate Mint and Wildberry Burst. Try them all, and keep several flavours on hand to beat every possible craving!