• CREABOLAN (21 Serves)
  • CREABOLAN (21 Serves)

CREABOLAN (21 Serves)


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Syn-Tec Creabolan 3rd Generation is a creatine and amino acid stack designed to deliver unparalleled strength and muscle gain. Creabolan supports the nitric oxide system for improved blood circulation to muscle mass, muscle pumps and enhances recovery after training. Gain muscle size and improve recovery like never before with Syn-Tec Creabolan 3rd Generation.


Product Features

    • BCAAs & Creatine.
    • Boost Nitric Oxide.
    • Support Muscle Gain.
    • Enhance Recovery.
    • Strength & Power.
  • Syn-Tec Creabolan 3rd Generation offers the best in creatine and training technology, delivering premium creatine to support strength, power and muscle volumisation. Creatine is perfect for rapid mass gains and increases in strength, where it helps you boost power and recovery between sets. Creatine anaerobically enhances ATP or energy generation in muscle tissue, essential for powerful training and fast recovery. No supplement works quite like creatine to increase lean mass over a short period of time.


    Creabolan 3rd Generation contains branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to support training intensity and stamina. These essential amino acids keep your muscle levels replenished while you deplete them during exercise. And no supplements work quite as well as these BCAAs to reduce muscle soreness and get you fired up for the next session.


    Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, also known as AAKG, is a specialised form of Arginine that supports energy synthesis via the krebs cycle, with superior absorption and bio-availability than standard forms of Arginine. Arginine and Citrulline bolster nitric oxide synthesis, preparing your muscles for some serious pumps, vascularity and training volume. Nitric oxide (NO) opens up the blood vessels so more blood and nutrients can make their way to your muscles for an intense training experience.


    With Creatine, BCAAs, Glycine, AAKG, Citrulline, Taurine, Glutamine, Vitamin Bs and Vitamin C, Syn-Tec Creabolan is sure to help you achieve the unthinkable in the gym.


    How to Use Creabolan 3rd Generation

    Mix 4 Level Scoops (70g) into 500ml cold water and consume once daily.

Available in: Loaded Lime & Raspberry Rush (1.5kg – 21 Servings)