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Emrald Labs Recover Aid is a premium amino acid based recovery formula! Blended and packaged in Australia from high quality sourced ingredients, Recover Aid has been combined with an electrolyte formula to support endurance, taurine to prevent cramping and magnesium citrate to aid in the reduction of post workout lactic acid buildup  - making it one of the most superior recovery formulas on the market!


Emrald Labs Recover Aid exclusive formulation:

  • Provides 12g of Amino Acids per serve to promote optimal recovery 
  • Delivers the ideal and proven  2:1:1 amino acid ratio to promote muscle protein synthesis and aid in recuperation
  • Contains magnesium citrate for faster absorption
  • No animal products, dairy and gluten free


Who is this product for?

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, endurance athlete or weekend warrior, Recover Aid is for you! With our unique formula of amino acids to boost muscle growth, taurine and electrolytes for endurance and magnesium for recovery, Recover Aid will help you train longer, recover faster and be back to training sooner to smash your personal goals!


Why the 2:1:1 ratio? 

When it comes to amino acids, leucine is the king of muscle protein synthesis - meaning faster growth for you. In an ideal 2:1:1 ratio, isoleucine works in support of leucine to increase muscle growth and valine has a critical role in preventing fatigue - here’s how it works. 

 When you exercise, your body creates tryptophan which signals your brain that your body is tired. Valine competes with tryptophan for entry to the brain preventing those fatigue signals from getting through, this allows you to work out harder and longer to achieve your goals faster.



I don’t consume animal products, is Recover Aid suitable for me?

Yes! Recover aid does not contain any animal products and is egg and dairy free. In fact, the essential amino acids contained in Recover Aid can’t be created by the human body meaning they must come from a dietary source. This makes Recover Aid a simple and effective way for you to include these essential amino acids in your diet while staying true to your food and lifestyle values. All the amino acids are plant sourced.


I am trying to lose weight, is recover aid appropriate for my goals?

Yes! At just 12 calories a serve, Recover Aid can help you to achieve your goals. The branched chain amino acids contained in Recover Aid have been shown to have the potential to maintain muscle mass during calorie restriction, reduce sugar cravings, increase endurance and promote faster recovery meaning more time doing the activities you love. 


What is the best product to take with Recover Aid?

Without a doubt, one of the most critical and overlooked components to recovery is sleep. We recommend Emrald Labs Sleep Aid to leave you feeling rested and ready to perform at 100%. Don’t take our word for it, check out Sleep Aids reviews from our customers!


Directions for use

Mix one scoop of Recover Aid with 600ml – 1l litre of water and consume during your workout and between meals. This product is not suitable for children under 15 years of age or for pregnant women.