• INCEPTION LABS - Valor Pre Workout
  • INCEPTION LABS - Valor Pre Workout
  • INCEPTION LABS - Valor Pre Workout

INCEPTION LABS - Valor Pre Workout


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Valor is an all-around performance-based pre-workout that will get your adrenaline pumping at every interval of every set during each workout session, because we don’t believe in half measures.

Three-stage stimulant release

Designed for lasting energy with zero crash, we have formulated Valor with a three-staged release of clinically dosed ingredients. You will feel a fast uptake in energy followed by a medium hit approximately 30 – 40 minutes later. One side effect of high-strength pre-workouts is the inevitable crash at the end, but we have avoided this by including a third, softer dose of energy to gently bring you back to equilibrium.

Endurance and cognitive function

Optimal dosing of beta-alanine and taurine ensure the coveted tingle effect, but more importantly, it will buffer lactic acid build-up in the muscle (the burning feeling you get when training), which will also increase muscular endurance.

Also included are the most effective cognitive performance enhancers, encouraging tunnel-vision focus 15 minutes after consuming. These key ingredients stay in your system after the three-stage stimulant release, allowing you to keep focused throughout the day.

Nitric oxide acceleration and breakdown reduction

The latest in pump-enhancing ingredients to increase nitric oxide in your system. Blood flow to key muscle groups will elevate, which in turn delivers superior muscle fullness and engorgement.

As quickly as nitric oxide increases, it can also break down, nullifying any benefit of the key ingredients. Our pump matrix has been specifically formulated for optimal growth of nitric oxide and breakdown prevention.

Absorption and utilisation

No ingredients are of any use unless they are absorbed effectively. All aspects of Valor have specific dosing and are partnered with synergistic ingredients to enhance delivery and prevent any breakdown or degradation.

All Inception Labs products are about clinically dosed ratios. Through thorough research and development, Inception Labs has determined the optimal ratios of clinically dosed nutritional supplements. Our competitors can try to copy, but they do not know the ratios.