• International Protein Extreme Carbs

International Protein Extreme Carbs


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Increase lean muscle mass and recover from a full-on training session with International Protein Extreme Carbs! This formula has been specifically designed to increase post-workout muscle glycogen levels, enhance protein synthesis and improve anabolic recovery. Extremely rich in carbs, this supplement is a great source of energy. International Protein Extreme Carbs provides high Glycemic Index glucose to initiate muscle glycogen replacement and take advantage of the bodys natural recovery systems. Supported with fructose which can also assist in enhancing the body’s anabolic state.

  • Multi-Phase Glycogen Replenishment.
  • High & Low GI Carbs.
  • Promilin Enhanced.
  • Gluten-Free.

This International Protein energy and recovery supplement is far more advanced than other glycogen replenishment drinks. With the help of the powerful ingredient Promilin, it promotes glucose-inducedpancreatic hormone release and assists with the transport of glucose to skeletal muscle. There it can be used for energy, recovery and muscle growth, rather than be stored as body fat. Promilin is a revolutionary compound that has been derived from fenugreek seeds. It makes the body use carbohydrates more efficiently, promotes lean muscle mass, improves blood sugar sensitivity, and aids anabolic recovery. International Protein Extreme Carbs assists in muscle glycogen replenishment, reduces muscle breakdown and improves muscular endurance in elite athletes, bodybuilders and highly active people.