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Athletic Sports Kamikaze


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Athletic Sport Kamikaze

Designed by athletes for people looking to get the most out of their training sessions, Kamikaze is a pre-workout that will have you hitting PB’s on track, smashing HIIT workouts or simply stepping it up in the gym, Kamikaze is for the athlete in all of us! Using scientifically formulated and a synergistically blended balance of industry-leading ingredients to help increase your overall performance this is one pre-workout not to look past!

Each fully dosed serving of Kamikaze will give you the benefits of:

  • High stimulant energy.
  • Skin splitting pumps with a 3-phase Vasodilator complex.
  • Creatine Free, no fluid gains!
  • No crash!

Providing some solid ingredients from Beta-Alanine to help buffer lactic acid build-up to Ashwagandha which is commonly used as an adaptogen to help modulate the body’s response to stress and change in the external environment. Kamikaze is designed to support you from beginning to end. This full-spectrum formula will have you smashing your workouts and giving you energy to spare, regardless of your reason Kamikaze is here to support you from the gym to the office or just to give you a general energy boost Athletic Sport has you in mind, with a 100% transparent label what’s not to love?