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If you’re on the keto diet, you’ve likely heard of bulletproof coffee by now. Bulletproof coffee is widely popular in the keto circles as it’s a way to keep your body energised and feeling great all day long – without coming out of ketosis.

If you are already a coffee lover, once you try Keto Coffee, you are going to find that there’s no going back to regular coffee again. This coffee has been designed to help those who struggle to stay in ketosis, ensure they aren’t missing out on what their diet has to offer.

So what benefits will you reap when you try Keto Coffee by Giant Sports? Look forward to the following:
  • Improved energy levels. With regular coffee, you get an energy boost from caffeine. With Keto Coffee, you get an energy boost from caffeine and medium chain triglycerides. This makes it doubly as powerful. These MCT’s are unlike regular fatty acids and are available for use as energy almost immediately, much like carbohydrates are.
  • Improved exercise performance. Headed to the gym? Let Keto Coffee guide you. Thanks to the benefits noted above, not only will you have higher energy levels while in the gym when using this product, but you’ll also see strength and endurance improvements as well. It can easily double as an excellent pre-workout product
  • Accelerated rates of fat loss. MCT’s are great for helping with the weight loss process as they lead to a slight boost in your metabolic rate and can also suppress hunger as well. This may make it easier to stick with your diet plan.
  • Improved cognitive processing. Once again, caffeine is going to make you feel more mentally alert and on top of your game while the MCT’s will help provide fast fuel for the brain so you don’t get that slump during the morning

The great thing about Keto Coffee by Giant Sports is that it’s also made with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or sweeteners. Just 100% pure wholesome goodness your body can count on to get you started every morning.

In each serving of Keto Coffee by Giant Sports, you’ll take in:
  • 74 calories, making this an easy addition to just about any diet plan
  • 6 grams of total fat content with 100% of that coming from MCT’s
  • 1 gram of dietary fibre
  • 3 grams of protein
  • 5 grams of premium roasted Brazilian coffee to give you the taste you’ll love.

If you’re still stuck on instant coffee to get going, treat yourself. See what Keto Coffee has to offer.