Macro Mike White Choc Chip Cookie


Macro Mike Macro Friendly V2 Cookie Mix

Cookies made macro friendly? Yes please! Your favourite macro-friendly cookie mix has had a revamp, making it more delicious then ever! Made with 100% natural ingredients, Macro Mike V2 Cookie Mix is supercharged with plant protein and full of gut nourishing fibre – talk about a guilt-free treat! Available in a wide variety of flavours all packed with choc chips, there’s something for every sweet tooth. All Macro Mike baking mixes are also vegan-friendly, as well as gluten and dairy-free. Ready in just 12 minutes, it’s never been easier to have a delicious macro-friendly dessert ready in a flash.

  • Gut-Friendly – Macro Mike V2 Cookie Mix is gluten and dairy-free, as well as vegan friendly.
  • Macro Friendly – approximately 70 calories per cookie.
  • Refined Sugar-Free – Sweetened with Monk Fruit, a natural sweetener containing zero calories and zero carbohydrates, with no bitter after taste!
  • A large variety of delicious and nutritious bake mix flavours to choose from.

Macro friendly treats never tasted so good! Macro Mike Cookie Mix is packed with plant protein goodness and gut nourishing fibre, pairing perfectly with a drizzle of Macro Mike Powdered PB+ sauce. Simply add your favourite mylk and mix to combine, making 15 cookies (or 1 giant cookie!) for a delicious dessert you can feel good about!