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Tackle your day or your next workout with laser focus clarity. Mushies by Magic Sports Nutrition has been scientifically formulated to support mood, stamina, and brainpower. The combination of six organic-certified apoptogenic mushrooms will deliver the tools needed to “adapt” and overcome physical and mental challenges.

Need to increase power? Or Endurance? Magic Mushies deliver it all! With the combination of ingredients that will give you mental and physical power but also the stamina and focus to keep you going.

This nootropic supplement will help you achieve and improve productivity at work, in the office, in the gym, on the computer and much more! Kickstart your day first thing in the morning with a serve of Mushies and get your brain into gear for the day.  

The benefits of Mushies by Magic Sports Nutrition include:
  • Laser focus clarity
  • Supports mood
  • Better creativity and learning
  • Better brain power
  • Support stamina
  • Advanced nootropic formula

Nootropic supplements are a great way to get you going when you feel foggy and need that little extra push. Mental clarity? Tick. Better performance? Tick. Brainpower? Tick. Stamina? Tick. Think faster, better and harder with Mushies.

Each serve of Mushies by Magic Sports Nutrition has:
  • 1000mg of Lions Mane Mushroom Extract
  • 1000mg of Bacopa Monnieri Extract
  • 500mg of Peak O2
  • 250mg of L-Tyrosine
  • 200mg of Korean Ginseng Extract
  • 100mg of L-Tryptophan
  • 100mg of Caffeine
  • 100mg of NeuroFactor
  • 100mg of Vitamin V Premix
  • 50mg of Zingiber Officinale Extract
  • 100mg of CellChareg