• Niulife Coconut Clarity

Niulife Coconut Clarity


Niulife Coconut Clarity MCT Plus+ is nature's powerful high performance formula which rapidly metabolises into ketones to increase mental and physical energy.

  • Ketones provide the brain and body with an alternative fuel.
  • Slow release energy.
  • Amplify brain function. 

Coconut Clarity MCT Plus+ contains a fuller profile of Medium Chain Triglycerides through its selection of plant-derived ingredients and is fortified with brain-nourishing omega 3 from chia, camelina and flaxseed oils. This can provide a more sustained energy release over 6 hours - twice as long as regular MCT oil.

Ingredients: MCT oil (from coconut), DME® extra virgin coconut oil*, chia oil, flax oil*, certified sustainable colombian palm fruit oil*, camelina oil
(*denotes organic ingredient)