Protein Bars BSC box of 8

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Sc High Protein Bar has specifically designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone wanting a potent hit of protein. Formulated to stimulate muscle anabolism via its ability to both rapidly increase blood amino acid concentrations while simultaneously having anti-catabolic effects via the more gradual digestion and absorption of its slow protein components. Furthermore, the low carbohydrate/low fat content in BSc High Protein Bars help to limit the conversion of nutrients to stored fat and increase your lean muscle gains. BSc High Protein Bars were developed as a means to assist particularly busy people with a supplementary convenient way of increasing total protein consumption in any one day.


  • High Protein/Low Carb
  • No artificial sweetener, colours or flavours
  • Contains No GMO Ingredients
  • No Added Sugar or Gluten
  • New Swirl Layering Technique