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Want a delicious, creamy and easy to digest protein? Proto whey is for you!

This protein has been hydrolyzed---which means it is sliced into smaller pieces by enzymes.
This is critical to absorption. All dietary protein must be reduced (hydrolyzed) to the smallest peptides called di and tripeptides, or free form aminos in order to be absorbed by the body (muscles, organs, etc). If you consume protein that is not hydrolyzed, like isolates, concentrates, blends, caseins, soy and caseinates, it must be hydrolyzed in your GI tract (stomach and small intestine). Whatever protein is not hydrolyzed down to di and tripeptides or free form aminos may not be transported into the blood for distribution to your muscles and other tissues. It will travel on into the colon where it is not absorbed and becomes food for bacteria. BNRG's exclusive DTP technology insures complete hydrolysis and absorption.*

Are other hydrolysates the same as Proto Whey?

Not at all! What is important is the DH or degree of hydrolysis. A high degree of hydrolysis (High-DH) will produce more di and tripeptides and significantly lower
AMW (average molecular weight) around 1,000 daltons whereas lower DH powders, often used due to their lower cost and ease of flavoring have little to no concentrations of di and tripeptides or Micro Peptides, a higher AMW, and may be relatively biologically unchanged from their prior unhydrolyzed state. Proto Whey is currently the only 100% High-DH hydrolysate in the market and the only source of DTP technology.

What is the value of Proto Whey versus concentrate or isolate forms or other whole proteins like casein, egg, collagen or soy?

Because Proto Whey is an extremely High-DH hydrolysate which is predominantly di and tripeptides, the protein may be absorbed much faster and more efficiently than whole proteins.* This means that your digestive tract is able to absorb much of the protein you have consumed. Recent science has suggested that nitrogen retention and protein utilization is higher with di and tripeptides because they are handled differently by the liver as well as other tissues, including brain, lung, and kidney.*

Virtually anyone wishing to maximize their protein nutrition. This would include bodybuilders, athletes of any kind, individuals on a diet or weight loss program or anyone looking to derive maximum protein nutrition for the best price.*

Proto Whey has virtually no allergenic response since the peptides are reduced to di and tripeptides and micro peptides, which have no capacity to produce allergic response.

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SK nutrition has been in operation since 2012, opening our first store in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Our goal was to put peoples nutrition needs first and spread the knowledge and power of supplements to our local customers. This was very successful and SK nutrition became a local favorite. It became a place where you could get some good advise, very good deals and free bottled water. As time went on our customer base grew and our mission became more clearer that people need the right supplements, the right advice and the right service to ensure they were at peak performance. Fitness and gym workouts are now apart of daily routines and SK nutrition wants to be the partner to as many customers as possible. Many big name stores and other independents have come into the supplement scene and unfortunately they have failed.

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