• X50 Showtime Thermo Fatburner
  • X50 Showtime Thermo Fatburner
  • X50 Showtime Thermo Fatburner
  • X50 Showtime Thermo Fatburner
  • X50 Showtime Thermo Fatburner

X50 Showtime Thermo Fatburner


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X50 Showtime - Thermogenic pre-workout

Why should you have to choose between a fat burner and a pre-workout? With X50 Showtime, you now don’t need to! X50 Showtime has managed to roll two products into one; a potent fat burner combined with performance enhancing ingredients. Your workouts will never be the same again! X50 Showtime combines ingredients which may boost fat metabolism, increase energy expenditure, provide razor sharp focus, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical performance, along with antioxidant support. And the best thing about X50 Showtime – calorie free with an amazing taste!

Each scoop of X50 Showtime is packed with:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: The amino acid which naturally occurs in the body involved in transporting FFA (free fatty acids) into the cell powerhouse (Mitochondria), where they are burned off for energy! Don’t store your fat, fuel your body with it instead.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Boost your energy and motivation levels with caffeine. Take your physical performance to the next level with this stimulant.
  • Green Tea Extract: An ancient superfood known for it’s potential to increase fat burning rates in the body by boosting metabolic rate.
  • Synephrine: Also known as bitter orange, this is a frequently used ingredient in fat-loss supplements as it may provide appetite suppression, cognition enhancement and promotion of fat lipolysis.
  • Plus other ingredients to boost your workout AND fat burning.

X50 Showtime is available in a range of delicious flavours to suit all types of tastes. Just mix 1 serving into chilled water and enjoy not only the taste, but the thermogenic and performance enhancing properties of X50 Showtime.  If you are looking to boost both your workouts and your fat metabolism, then look no further than X50 Showtime.