Shannon "Turkish Delight" Ross

Shannon Ross is the Australian #1 Flyweight champion a real gladiator in his class. Known as the great "Turkish Delight" in the MMA world we are privileged to be a sponsor of such a champion. Only 29 years old and with an already impressive record there is no stopping Shannon from the glory that awaits him. Us here at SK nutrition are in his corner and cheering him on.


Australian Flyweight stand out who is currently ranked #1 in the division

Capturing the Eternal MMA Flyweight title in his last outing and the Nitro Flyweight title several fights back

A short break from the local scene between his two Aus titles seen him have back to back wins on the Russian ACA organisation beating two internationals 

 With an unbeaten record of 5/0 at Flyweight his eyes are set on the UFC with a returning card coming to Australia 

 A Gold Coast kid who grew up right here and went to school at Palm Beach Currumbin

 Not only a professional athlete but a father and full time mechanic who is 100% dedicated to capturing his dream of fighting on the biggest stage in the world



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