Pre Workout VS Fat Burner Thermogenic

Pre Workout VS Fat Burner Thermogenic What is the difference between the two?  A common conversation leads the common population believing they are one and the same. So let’s break them down.

We will start with Pre Workout.

Many people will take a pre workout replacing their morning coffee. Understand that a pre Workout is specifically designed to amplify your workout while the blood is pumping inside your body. The ingredients in pre workouts are designed to maximise your strength and overall output while increasing blood flow into your muscles tenfold. This additional energy and ingredients will help by increasing the chances of building new lean muscle tissue, increasing strength (which leads to more lean muscle built) and the extra blood flow will amplify your weight loss and recovery. The Caffeine content that is usually in these will help you perform better for the workout itself too and generally keep you motivated for exercise and for longer. However, Keep in mind that using a pre Workout is designed for working out. Replacing a pre workout for a morning coffee will not pick you up as much as if you had worked out .

That versus a Thermogenic Fat Burner.

These are designed to increase your core temperature which helps your body to naturally burn more calories longer throughout the day. As well as an ingredient list to help trick your body to use more fat as energy. A fat burner will pick you up and keep longer lasting energy throughout the day. This continues on the higher metabolic rate burning more calories as the day progresses. Although it may not pick you up as much compared to a pre workout, it will still give you more than enough energy to use as a pre workout if you wish. Continue to be diligent using a fat burner, alongside a healthy diet, you will find your energy and fat loss will continue to increase as time goes on. Use a Thermogenic Fat Burner first thing upon rising and another serving 5-6 hours later. Please be careful with use of these products later in the day which may effect sleep patterns.


For a Pre-workout SK recommends: 




For Fat Burner Thermogenic: