Top 10 Products by SK

Everyone needs to understand that many of the supplements on the market are quite versatile. They can be used for either health, fat loss or muscle gain depending on how you use them.



The following list is SK top 10 recommended supplements will be written as how versatile the use of these products are:


This is a Whey Protein Isolate. Protein is absolute as far as it goes for any structure of an exercise or weight loss program. The more you exercise the more protein you will need in order to maintain your results and prevent muscle breakdown (ongoing muscle breakdown will cause weight gain and additional health problems).

I do always recommend Iso Whey Zero first on my list because of a few factors.

Firstly because of its ingredients. Containing no sugar, gluten, aspartame or lactose. This resulting in a lower inflammation inside the gut which dairy products can cause. But the taste of this product still tastes amazing and the feedback we get of this product is continuing to convert people to it becoming their new favorite protein of choice. And to top off with its 36 servings, the combination of taste, ingredients and value for money put Iso Whey Zero as our number one supplement.


ATP Science have created their own protein being collagen based. This protein has an exceptionally high absorption in the body and very easy and light in digestion.

For those wanting to take this as a meal replacement, it will do the trick nutritionally but as far as it goes for keeping you full, in that aspect it may not be your friend as it is a very light protein compared to other whey based proteins being a little thicker in nature helping you feel more full.

From customer feedback, the taste comparison to Iso Whey Zero, people do prefer to lean towards the Iso Whey Zero in terms of taste which puts this as number 2 instead of number one. But for those athletes who train at an elite level, or people who tend to have stomach upset on a regular basis, the Noway Protein will be your go to protein.

Noway Protein best price


I bet you didn’t expect this for item number three on the list!

I will amplify the fact that L-Glutamine should be a supplement to use alongside your protein powder.

Everyone always things of L-Glutamine for recovery but they are unsure how it works.

L-Glutamine works by helping the health of your intestinal tract -  Being the size of a tennis ball court, your intestinal track can get clogged up from previous bad eating. This amino acid aid will help your gut health therefore helping for maximum absorption of your protein and nutrients of your food. This in turn will help boost your recovery and speed your results for either fat loss, muscle gan, strength or general health.


Another one of ATP Science tops the list with their Modbiotic Gut Right. GUT RIGHT



Another one of ATP Science tops the list with their Modbiotic Gut Right.



This product was designed originally to help out the general population from their imbalance of gut bacteria.



Over the years people have taken antibiotics or probiotics and completely thrown their gut bug balance out of whack. The purpose of this product with their 10 day cleanse and specific diet alongside it, is to eliminate unnecessary gut bugs that thrive in the gut and colon.



Everyone experiences different results but most experience weight loss (long term and short term), elimination of fluid retention and bloating, more energy and better skin.



Those who have hit a plateau in weight loss or those who have gone off the rails for a few months or years and wanting a supercharged start to a diet program, then gut right is an absolute must have.




The reason for this so high on the list is because I don’t like to recommend it to be stack alongside a fat burner or pre workout. More, I prefer a fat burner or pre workout to be stack with Acetyl L-Carnitine.

It is one supplement you can take in small doses over a long period of time without having to taper off or back on.

People always think of Acetyl L-Carnitine for its fat burning benefits - Which it does a significant job of. But I like to think of Acetyl L-Carnitine as what its potential has.

L-Carnitine is inside the muscle and your body will use Glycogen (stored carbs) and L-Carnitine for energy during exercise.

L-Carnitine will help to utilise more fat as energy as opposed to Glycogen. The more L-Carnitine use the higher potential for fat use as energy resulting in faster weight loss and better performance (as fat is essentially an unlimited source of energy).

Acetyl L-Carnitine as opposed to its other forms or L-Carnitine (Most will recognise the form L-Carnitine Tartate) helps to improve performance in the gym and for cognitive function as well.

Supplementing with Acetyl L-Carnitine over a period of time will help your body naturually start converting to use more and more L-Carnitine as energy resulting in your body naturally being a fat burning machine!


To date this is my favorite I have come across - It has everything I like to see in an ingredient list.



However I must say, this product is not for the faint hearted, it is a very strong pre workout with excess of 350mg of caffeine.



When I personally look at a pre workout I look for the components that help performance, eliminate crashing and one that will help metabolism raised for hours after the workout.



Lets start with performance,



L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine and creatine. The dosing of these are what I personally believe is the perfect dose to increase bloodflow for maximum nutrient absorption, muscular endurance and muscular short burst energy output (hypertrophy training).



6g of Citrulline is what I think is the perfect dosage for a pre workout.



Gurana and Caffeine to give you immediate and sustained energy and taurine to eliminate your heart going overboard and some added Juniper extract to keep your metabolism running high long over your workout is done as well as it being a massive antioxidant to help eliminate the extra cellular wastage.



From customer feedback and my own personal feedback, taste is great and even smells amazing.



7. Xenevar

Xenevar will have to be the first fat burner I add on the list.

 Two of their dominate ingredients are two different forms of L-Carnitine which will only add to higher chances of using fat storage as energy as well as helping with recovery as well if consuming healthy carbs post workout. With added Juniper and Raspberry Ketones this gives a very high antioxidant and only amplifies the fat usage as energy.

 To top of off with sustained feel good energy and metabolism boosting caffeine. The main feedback we receive from this is people just feel happy after taking it but they don’t feel like an artificial caffeine pick up and crash like some other products can do.

 Adding to its popularity at the moment is its 90 serving for the price of a 60 serve give a really good back for buck.

 8. oxyshred

I know you thought this would be higher on the list. Oxyshred is a great product no doubt!

 But customer feedback put the Xenevar one place above Oxyshred.

 Let’s first mention the elephant in the room, everyone knows what this product is. It is the most popular fat burner in the world with EHP Labs doing a tremendous job with their marketing.

 A lot of the times you see a company with great marketing but an average product or a great product with average marketing. But with oxyshred you have a great product and everyone knows about it.

 The two most dominate ingredients being Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Glutamine is an excellent starter. Two amino acids to compliment each other for fat loss and absorption.

 There is added CLA in here to not only speed fat loss but to help prevent weight gain, improve your immune system strength and even aid performance. Combined with Raspberry Ketones for more fat loss and their other metabolism boosting mix this is one powerful fat burner. Many customers have responded of their results on this product.

 The hype is well worth it.

 9. N-MASS

This is by far our best selling mass gainer by a long shot.



Rather just pack a mass gainer full of sugar, the carb content in N-Mass is made up of Sweet Potato, Brown Rice, Quinoa and Rolled oats for its dominate carbohydrate source.



Absolute genius!



Then adding 5g of Creatine per serve and over 30g of BCAA this is one whopper of a product to add some size with quite an incredible taste to look forward to each time.




10. essential aminos

How do you make a better BCAA supplement?

Ensure it has Citrulline Malate and EAA’s (Essential Amino Acids) added into it.

How do you make a better BCAA+EAA supplement?

Add additional Electrolytes into it.

How do you make a better BCAA+EAA with additional Electrolytes supplement?

Give it an amazing taste.

10 points to Nexus for this incredible product. We could not get a more requested BCAA product than this.

Especially the Red Frog flavor, that sells almost as quickly as it comes in the door.