FAT BURNERS what is in them & what do they do?

Fat burners will usually consist of a few basic ingredients;



Caffeine does help increase your matabolic rate as well as keep you motivated and alert through the day and throughout your workouts. However caffeine can be listed in another technical science name.

If you cannot see the caffeine content specifically on the label, check for a section that may say something similar to ‘Energy/focus mix’

Acetyl L-Carnitine or L-Carnitine Tartate

Very common in fat burners.

It is a very safe amino acid that essentially tells the burn to use fat as an energy source as opposed to glycogen.

Being Acetyl, means it can pass the blood brain barrier and that energy is used to your brain also helping you stay more motivated, focused as well as help your performance with study or work.


An incredible source which in a small way, tell your body to utilise fat as energy, help prevent fat storage and a great immune system boost.

Even just 3 grams of CLA supplementation per day can really help drop the kilos off the scales and help overall vitality


Those who know about the Keto Diet are aware that it is a diet in which your body has converted to use fat as it’s primary energy source as opposed to Glycogen.

Ketones, In particular Rasberry Ketones and popular in many Fat Burner supplements for boosting the fat loss process.

As well as it being a significance antioxidant.


This is another same amino acid which will help keep the brain mentally alert which keeps you motivated throughout your workouts and throughout the day


Because stimulants will really get the heart racing, Taurine is added to calm down the heart rate helping the other ingredients to be absorbed better into the system


You may nice vitamins added into the formula.

These will help for better absorption but most importantly so that you do not crash afterwards.



SK Nutrition has yet another powerful fat stripping stack.

The Diablo Protein containing L-Carnitine, CLA and Green Coffee Bean Extract in order to help utilise fat as energy, prevent fat storage, prevent muscle wastage, increasing metabolism and stopping muscle wastage.
And to top it off the Diablo Fat Burner Thermogenic to increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories and dramatically speeding up your far loss!


Both for $89!



At SK nutrition we are about more than just selling supplements at the best prices in Australia we are about providing healthy solutions to our customers. We have displayed some handy information for you that can help get healthy.

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