What you need to know before starting a new diet!

It can be a little overwhelming starting a new diet and exercise program with no knowledge of what to do, let alone purchase supplementation to magnify your results yet not fully understanding what exactly is right for you.

So let’s start with the absolute basics.

 An almost everyday interaction of someone starting a new weight loss diet will request to purchase a fat burner Thermogenic straight off the bat. My first question I always ask customers is 

“How is your diet on a scale of 1 to 10?”

 Although a fat burner will work to a degree without a structured diet but you will not reap the full benefits of it unless your diet is up to scratch.

This will often leave people with the regret of paying the money on a product they may potentially blame for not working.

Everyone needs to understand, supplements for fat burning are not a substitute for a moderate or bad diet.

They are there to magnify your results.

 So what are the basics.

The basic supplement to every purchase regardless if you are attempting to lose weight, gain muscle or even just general health is a WPI Protein powder.


Many often reply to me saying ‘Won’t protein make me bulky?’

With my reply often saying 

‘If you ate some Salmon, egg whites, chicken, lean mince or a glass of milk, would that make you bulky?,

(With a common reply of No)

So why would Protein in a powder form but extracted of fats and carbs make you bulky?

Protein is the foundation of any diet and exercise program.

You wouldn’t build a house starting from the tip of the roof and work your way down.

You need a strong basic foundation.

If you are exercising to lose weight then you are causing your body stress. In order for your body to recover it is going to need protein through your diet in order to boost that recovery.

If there is not adequate protein in your diet to aid your recovery as well as your body’s usual bodily functions, then it will get protein from its next and most readily available source, your muscle tissue.

Think of it like this,

Some who have passed away from Anorexia, in an autopsy some have been labelled up to 98%+ body fat.

This shows the extreme importance of adequate protein not just for results but for general health as well.

 Consuming a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner containing a protein source, a high fiber carb source such a vegetables and a healthy fat source such as Coconut oil or Natural Peanut Butter or Avocados with a protein shake somewhere in between one or two of those meals will be more than enough to get you on a fast track towards your goal.

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